A little bit of highschool advice…

Sometimes life just takes a hold of you…and you never know what it’s going to do and ware its going to take you on this vast empty journey…but when life slows down and everything seems to freeze and crumble at your hands. Bad day some drama and too top it off, some grades to land at your doorstep. It’s hard to deal with shitless things such as high-school at times and you feel like giving up. Well don’t because you never know how it could have been once u figured out how to reach for the pause button and continue your life forward instead of running from it so we should all just keep trying to reach for that play button and just let the life pass by, it isn’t there forever it’s not a picture which stays in place for days,weeks,month, years until you burn it into nothing but ashes into your memories. So when you feel like braking down and crying sometimes its good to just do that…to let go but keep your feet on the ground and your head held high and raise your arms to the sky so you can lightly touch that bit of heaven. Life is tricky it put’s us through these obstacles in life which are hard to over come and humans, we struggle we struggle threw everything and we are always looking for that someone to push us through. But when we are blinded, and we can’t see a damn fucking thing like horses with their blinds on and they can only walk straight until they run into a wall in front of them because they are too scared to turn. Why am I writing all this…if it shouldn’t really apply to me well because it should be seen for those who have problems in life-like I once did. We all did. To always notice that life can get better if they wait It out a bit.

A little bit of highschool advice…

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