Be someone?

yes the usual story to carry out with. In highschool and trying to live by without being eatten alive by drama and teachers. Being chased around by stress as it trys to get a grip at my throat, well more like face. Thank god mid-terms are overwith i don’t think my face could have been even more worse. Well so I thought if i am going to write may it be something worth your time reading and hopefully capture some mind and insipiration.  So a little about me you might wonder, maybe not really my life isnt that intresting but it may be someday in the future or in the next life. I may be someone famous a grand leader, a historic being and enviormentalist someone to change the world and set it right. These are my views on what I wish to do with my life. Nothing big really i dont care how muh money i make how much time i spend living in a wealthy place, what good will it do to live with so many things and yet when i die, i die with nothing, i bring nothing by my own soul with me. So now that i have side tracked into something that i wasn’t suppose to do I am semi-hoping that this helped a bit learn a bit not only about me but just life in general and what you choose to do with it.

Happy readings. 🙂

Be someone?

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