Tips from a Mexican

1. Make sure you know your spanish

2. Don’t get in the way of the wooden spoon, ,brooms and flying shoes.

3. Realize your family is important.

4. Embrace your culture be proud.

5. Make sure you aren’t teased for how you speak

6.Get to 16 without being knocked up! (for the girls)

7.Brag about how great you are at soccer even though we have never won a cup.

8.Laugh at anything.

9.EAT! your mother’s cooking and get the recipes.

10.Respect your elders

11.Graduate from school (really should apply to anyone)

12.Don’t find yourself a deadbeat husband -_- (girls)

13.Don’t become  some other weird religion, or your hell will come to you.

14.Stay clear from Arizona


16. Learn how to flip Tortillas, the traditional way.

17.  watch a tele novela every night

18. be sure to have more than one bathroom – families can grow!

19. Have papers!

20. Let the world know that taco bell is shit… and fake food.

Hope these little tips help you survive along the way to being proud of who you are and where you come from

Viva Mexico 🙂


Tips from a Mexican

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