.I have figured you out.

I have figured you out. Your fears the reason for they way you are. To afraid to speak because the fear after that is abandonment. Afraid to loose people. So you just trust them with the silly things. You fear that if they realized who you really are they would leave you. Think your some sane person with problems not worth dealing, if they knew the real you they would think its insanity, Thats what you fear, and I have figured it out. You fear telling the truth about somethings, so you keep quiet. You keep your emotions hidden and let cliche ones show, the basic of all. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Confusion. Typical ones so they at least know you have some soul and some heart. You fear that they will never treat you the same, so you ware a mask, to hide yourself behind.  A strong mask that no one but yourself can rip away from your face. But you know it yourself. You are insane. You have driven yourself to that point. Where no one can figure you out because thats the way you wanted it. And then you get angry at everyone when they want to understand you but they cant you want to scream at them “why can’t you just fucking understand me for once in my life” thats your thought.
I have figured you out, what has been itching at your skin. Although what comes down to is that you are the only one that can fight it.

.I have figured you out.

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