trains+snotty people+mornnings= kill me now.

The woman sits quietly to herself on the side of the seat of the train making herself into a anti person bubble. Texting rigidly she rolls her eyes like a teenage girl as she eats her supposedly ‘low-calorie’ breakfast and takes a sip from her “sugar free” juice. Her pink and black skirts lays on hers legs with a disgusting pattern which she would think is fashionable and her knee high boots only to add some of that “stripper” look to it. Holding her crack-berry she quickly texts and sets it down on the seats watching it as the pick rubber case grips itself to it. Staring down everyone only to frighten them more she glances at her phone again. A man walks in. and soon her bubble of anti- social attitude is gone as she smiles with brightened face.
giggling in the most annoying tone she playfully speaks.
“this seats taken”
the man smiles and sits in one in-front of her. “Alright ha-ha i see how it is” as he sets down a brown bag with seems to have a simple bagel with butter. She just stare at him, flirting more  if you can put it that way.
“So how was Your book club?” he asked followed by her obnoxious and loud laugh that just made me want to go slap her, “what is she? 13 years old? even I’m not THAT desperate” i mumbled softly under my breath
The train starts moving, rapidly threw the streets now heading over to make its first stop in harlem. They finally finish there breakfast and now simply sipping on there drinks. talking about the random things such as marriage and models,” yea right miss with a laugh and face like yours, you wish you could be one not a chance”
the man quickly makes a comment “the only super model I knew got pregnant, then after that they were just coming out like puppies” again the woman laughs and then they just sit there as they both awkwardly look down at there so-called-crackberrys as they wait for one of the to start up a conversation. He scratches his face tracing his horrible looking goatee with his legs crossed unaware of the pice of gum stuck to the bottom of his leather shoes.  Finally the train had come to a soft halt. Please get off please just walk up and go!” I thought,watching there bodies gently set back into the worn out seats DANM IT!. I kept eased dropping on these people looking so high class yet behind all that fake material shit I can tell they were suffering. It’s always so upsetting to see people like this see how they change from fragile imperfection humans into these monsters in which one day they will destroy us all. I couldn’t stand this at all. There I was sitting and typing on my laptop hoping it would be a distraction for my eyes. So I won’t have to look at all this damage.
UGHH NOO!!! 10%, battery is almost dead along with my soul!!
Train finally announces “White Plains”.

Happy readings 🙂

trains+snotty people+mornnings= kill me now.

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