Dear ____________,

I am writing to you in knowing that you will read this, why? Because perhaps i have nothing better else to do with my spare time rather than to work on a silly old project and find information on topics I could really care less about, history is the past, shouldn’t effect the future so drastically, well in some cases that idea could be rejected.  although that doesn’t matter right now because its what i am typing and saying. So as i trailed off into my oblivious state because thats how my mind wonders off, actually i was reading up on some music artists updates. I really should be typing up that lame English essay but right now im not much in the mood to do so.  I seem to be enjoying this free time. A letter from me to you, a simple letter about simple random shit. Thats amusing isnt it? The dog is so fat, can barley make it over the tub and all he does is sleeps. tsk tsk tsk what kind of cruel person am i to allow such madness happen? D: Im so whiny its pathetic, but this is what a rants suppose to be. Just jumbled thoughts that are never suppose to make any sense. All in all though… *brain fart* yea… lost my idea. Music. that’s interesting… well i think i am finished now. Ranting about nothing, this wasnt anything special just whatever.



A not so normal high-school teenage undecided scary inspirational special, abnormal  confused girl…


Happy readings.


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