Letter #2


Fill in the blanks to the questions we set ourselves to have. Fill in the missing puzzle pieces that is suppose to complete everything. I seem to be writing into nothing, ranting, but thats alright because you seem to truly enjoy my writings. Opera. watching her with my mother. isn’t that just such a great friday night, along with picking up the violin and playing that song about five-ten times i lost count after i started spacing out. Domestic violence, such a sickening thing to hear about, its terrible. 1800 799 safe that’s the hot-line. I am ranting, i have mentioned it before. I have not been able to find something great to write about and thats okay, writers block. thats alright. UGH! highschool, what more do i have to say about that. So tiring, I really can’t wait for some events to just happen. Hm, the beach that sounds fun, we need to make a trip to the beach, go camping and all, im sure it will be so much fun. I know it will be. So in anycase i think i am done publicly humiliating myself with my terrible voice and all so good-bye



🙂 Happy readings

Letter #2

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