Luke found himself looking at the roman cathedral.
“Its quiet an attraction isn’t it?”
He turned around to see a young woman in her mid 20’s taking pictures from her digital camera. Her smile was wide and warming hidden behind the lens.
“Yea, my moms in love with this place she says its incredible that you really feel connected to Jesus and God”
She laughed “I am just here to take pictures”
“My names Luke”
“Let me guess after the great disciples right?” she giggled again
“Yea, I guess you can say that” Luke’s face tinted to a rosy pink.
“The sun is strong today” she held her hand across her forehead.
“My parent’s are deeply involved with the church so its sorta an important thing that I am here and all”
“I never asked did I?”
There was an awkward pause as the sound of clicking continued. The day was bright and there was probably more tourists around than actual citizens could be counted.
“So what’s your name?”
“Why would it matter? You probably won’t see me ever again”

Her hair bounced lightly as shots of auburn streaks stood out as the sun grazed over her. Her eyes alone, lenses to her past, her future, who she was, not just the woman taking snapshots, but her eyes capturing all the beauty of the sun. The summer sun-dressed wrapped around her just lightly grazing her leg as it settled right on her thighs.
“Well then miss, may God bless you”
“Ha! Yea sure alright we can say that then”
“What I am just being kind, my mother always told me to be polite to people”
“Nice shirt”
“Really?” he looked down and the ironed shirt nicely hugging around him. “My mom ironed-”
“Here we go again” she rolled her eyes. “I have to go finish up the pictures or else I’m fired”
“Well at least can we go out sometime please? Grab a drink or a dinner”
“You American boys just don’t give up” she inched closer to him “here call the number when ever”
A small pressure of a ball point pen sunk into his hand, black ink outlined small numbers.
“How’d you know I was-” Luke looked up.

She was walking away her feet lightly touching the cobble stones.


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