I Want…

I want to feel the wind in my face

I want to lay in the grass and let them weave threw my toes slowly as they tickle me.

I want to stare into the sky until I can name all the colors from rosy pink to dark hole of infinite nothing.

I want to forget about the problems around me that grip me around my throat.

I want to feel the froth of the salty sea as it wraps around my ankles calling me in deeper and deeper.

The sand slowly sinks under my palms and slip through my fingers.

I want to hear nothing but whispers of love.

I want to feel the pain of losing someone the pain of letting them go.

I want to feel human touches slowly cave over me.

I want to feel someone’s tears fall over me instead of my own.

I want to let my mind over power my body and let it slip away into its own madness.

I want to let the dirt of the earth enrich my skin and fall under my nails.

I want it to speak to me in ways no one has ever spoken to me before.

I want….

I Want…

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