Mother’s day

We all celebrate this day with the normal flowers and candy and cards. LIke another valentines day but more towards women with children, mothers. Mom, mama, mum, mommy, mami , mother. there are so many names to say to the one person who cared for you since you were in the womb. Mothers. I never had a connection with my mom maybe not like others but  I am greatfull for everything she has done for me and all the love she has given me even in my most horrible state of years. She has put up with all the fucking bullshit and stupid things i have done. And no matter what i do that seems outrages i know she will try to support me in all ways. Im a teenager im suppose to make my mom rip her hair out scream at me and let her anger out. I dont enjoy it and i sure hope she doesnt. But in the end we are together daughter and mother. Its who we are. I appreciate everything she has done for me all the places she opened my eyes towards and the wisdom she has passed down to me. I hope to pass it down to others as well so now putting this into much shorter terms i just want to say that Happy Mothers day to all those wonderful mothers out there and enjoy this glorious day. And remember doesnt matter about where you are a home isnt about the location but the company and love about others that make it feel wholesome.

Happy Readings 🙂



Mother’s day

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