In a Coffee shop.

Here I am sitting in Starbucks. Morning. Brew of coffee and tea and the sugar from pastry sweets flair my nostrils.  A perfect excuse to be skipping. Mellow music softly plays and echos throughout the closed in walls. And the over chai tea burns the roof of my mouth. A perfect combination of tea and spice and a dash of milk. I like to sit here all straighted and tall, to make myself seem important, grown up I suppose. I like to imagne I am someone with a purpose for everything maybe not to them, to them I might be just shit a failure but I can prove them wrong sure easily. This morning is full, never imagned a town like this so alive like a mini NYC. Does this town ever sleep?

I hate when people start to stare, its really not necessery I am just the same as everyone else, two eyes, arms and legs. A mouth and nose and a heart.  Though honnestly why do they have to judge. People going off to work, they do the samething stuck in the same rut, loophole. Everyday,

– Wake up


– Eat



– Home


The life of any person.

Look at all these people comming with all their laptops and ipads and gadgets and gizmos and such. Trying to look all real and high tech, like there such important people to the world. Whatever happend to just keeping it old school? A simple pen and notebook.Writing whatever can come and influence the mind?

This town


Definition: A boring town filled with worthless time and expensive high taxes.

now the real definition?… something named by the Natives ages ago.

It is now 8:01. My stomach is churnning and twsting. Still Drinking my tea, “still drinking my tea, when i’m finished i will leave”

When I am finished, done, I’ll risk everything in my life. I like this right now, Nobody knows me no one recognizes me, I am I.N.V.I.S.I.B.L.E. I’m just that girl sitting by herself. Writing, just writing away at every aspect og my life. The cup seems to feel lighter as i pick it up. My mind is racing as i map out the path to the new destination. I am shaking and crying would feel nice. I need to over come this, Need to sleep. This tea is making me drowsy, was it spiked or someting?. I feel like sleeping, i would love to fall asleep. Fall asleep into his arms, bury my soul into his chest, feel the warmth escape into my skin and just feel everything, thats what i want to do.

My cup is almost empty. Almost finished and then I begin, everything in my footsteps.

Last sips.

Let us begin….

In a Coffee shop.

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