It’s a countdown till 12, midnight, Cinderella’s devil time.
The clock strikes 12 and everything goes back to normal, clock strikes 12 and we forget our days past. The clock strikes 12 and we start a new time, a new day, a new life. The hands reach 12, and it pulses out like a beating drum
Every second bleeding out.

Cinderella you better hurry its past your hour, your dreams are about to just shatter because day is near. Cinderella, better starts your tears and cry whats left of your last minutes or fairy tale.
Cheers for 12, a changing time, the end of the party the start of the cries, raise a glass and toast make a speech, and speak those last words, quick before the clock strikes 12.
Hurry Cinderella, catch your last glimpse of the man that warms your heart, remember the eyes that sunk deep into your own and the hands that slowly   around you as you swooned into a dance. Hurry Cinderella picture it, remember it, because when it strikes 12 it’s all over. Faces and emotions can change, minds and hearts bestowed upon someone else.
Clock strikes twelve and your dreams are thrown into yesterday’s past, Cinderella, what was it like when you heard those chimes
And you ran without looking back? What happened when you lost your crystal slipper and  you saw yourself in rags? Where you turned around and realized there was no turning back?
That it was simply, over….
Clock strikes midnight, chimes echo through hushed voices,
Cinderella, weep no more, weep no more, the day has come to settle in its warmth.
Time passes by, its a new day a new world, open your eyes,
You’ll find it all.

Happy readins 🙂


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