take 1.
They seem to say that high school are the best years of your life, then why is that our teacher had told us straight up that the meaning of life is suffering, does that mean we just suffer threw all of high school?

take 2.
Nothing makes your day when you see teenage hormones rise up into the hallways of pale lights and pointless flyers. Couples grasping each-other and eating away at there faces, the best kinds of shows anyone would love to watch.
Security guards yelling at them to move along as kids scream “GET A ROOM”.
High school love, it doesn’t get better than this.

Take 3
Bring out the claws and your hardcore vocabulary skills and dont forget to add an insult at some point along the way. Drama. It’s the most irresistible temptation to have it’s an addiction. Some is pointless and some is just stupid so why even cause it? With lies and hidden disguise its no wonder drama is your friend. It’s the simple poison that no one can resist along those four years.

Take 4
Everything about high-school has to do with power weather your a freshman to a senior,  a teacher to a principal we all have our place, but whatever happened to staying equal and everyone being the same? We all have rights so why are kids still being harassed, Weather its from being a homosexual or being a different race. Since when has it been a sin to be fat?

Take 5
“what do you want?, a nickel? a dime? a quarter?”
no this isn’t cash we are talking about,
those druggies are at it again,
with there blazed dangerous suspicious looks
the money in there hands
looks like someone got a good deal today
and is going home very happy.

Take 6.
“MOVE MOVE MOVE, LETS GO PICK IT UP!” the coaches booming voice
echoes through the plastic grass field
kids after school hitting the gym
staying in shape.
guys trying in for their six pack
Sports, something even more stressful than the school itself
Rules, Laws, Captins, games, rivalry,fights.
all seem to be under the same place.
It’ll all pay off though when your holding that trophy
Take 7
There always with you till the end?
maybe there just your group
your cliques your gang,
The style, and people,
that define who you are.
“you have to walk the walk in order to talk the talk”
if you want to fit in

– Mariana Rodriguez

I wrote this last year perhaps.

Happy readings 🙂


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