First entry.

first entry, i lied to you all, I was planning on starting to maybe bring my chicken ass to expose my diary but now that i read my first entry its far to embarrassing, so i completely resent from posting anything, maybe somethings but somethings no. I just can’t,

Anyways i shall keep searching for something interesting to post up or writing.

Any suggestions anyone?



First entry.

3 thoughts on “First entry.

    1. Haha i will have to work on the names and such, I would like some things to remain secretive, and embarrassed about my high-school years. god those were terrible!! maybe i will though. thanks for the little “push” I think i will start when i get a bit more out there on my blog.


      1. I think it’s better for strangers to read your diary…because it’s nothing in it about them. Think about if I was your ex or dad then you will have to worry because of emotions. If you mention some girl named Erica I wouldn’t know who the hell that was. Just make it interesting to keep readers coming back ๐Ÿ™‚


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