Rag Doll — old rants.

 i wanted and just be free and just have the dreams and be doing everything i wanted to be doing. have the perfect life. but i guess life doesn’t work that way… and sometimes it just happens to grab u by the foot and swing u all around the world like a rag doll and just ware u out until u cant be used anymore and then ur left with nothing but the hairs on your head and a bit of hope and fear. I just hate it all the time something good just comes around and then in a flash its dissapeared into the darkness to eat it and just swallow it whole. And it;s just so hard to take it back and it’s so hard to keep what your loosing and hold it tightly in your arms and never let go. and again all there is left to do is sit in your room as the time goes by rotting away and starving yourself to see if your parents even give a damn if ur alive and well and okay, but why would they care if they can’t even trust you one bit, their own child.



This was a REALLY old post far way back when in my life…

enjoy happy readings 🙂

Rag Doll — old rants.

3 thoughts on “Rag Doll — old rants.

  1. Hey Marz,

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      1. Well… Basically, we’d set up banners for our blogs as widgets on the side, under a PARTNERS title. So, people that visit my blog visit yours, and so on and so forth…

        Also, if you know any other bloggers in need of views, we can help eachother out. How many views do you usually get per week? We get roughly 150 views, but mostly from the same small group of people…

        You joined the club right? We’ll post more info there later…


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