I have…

I have been hurt.

I have been Abandoned

I have cried

I have hurt myself

I have bled

I have screamed

I have Feared

I have a mask

I have seen Darkness

I have had sex

I have had alcohol

I have smoked weed

I have smoked ciggerettes

I have drugged myself with pills

I have thought of suicide

I have gone to therapy

I have ripped my hair out

I have ran away

I have laid in the middle of streets

I have had my doubts

I have had my heart broken

I have broken other hearts

I have questioned my existence

I have challenged God

I have questioned God.

I have hidden my feelings.

I have hidden my lies.

I have hidden my world.

How much of your own past do you truly know?

How much of my past do you think you know?

I have…

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