Meet the Aztecs…land.

EL SOL on the right side and the smaller one is LA LUNA

So today i went to the pyramids. And what a breathless sight, it was my third time going and i never get tired of climbing those 365 stairs on EL SOL. the biggest one built there, and of course its neighboring pyramid LA LUNA (the moon), so instead of me ranting on about how AMAZING everything is, I will be more than happy to share my pictures. Not only is this place amazing it’s also a great place of energy and spirituality.  The air is different and just feels like place of tranquility, ironic since the Aztecs were known for their violent sacrifices to their Gods.

EL SOL- all 365 steps, one represting each day of the year.


La LUNA - Smaller but still a workout to climb, steps are steep too.


La energia (the energy)



Old Ruins


Just another one. Not a Special one, but it was fun to climb.

So, If you ever find your way in Mexico, and are in need to do some cool time traveling, be sure to really check this place out. It really is something to experience atleast once in your life.




Meet the Aztecs…land.

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