Truth to a story.

Air sucked in deeply
Sigh, a lonely sigh heard but ignored
Feet dangling inches from the ground.
Head low away hiding in shame.
The rain channels its way through the creaks
Hit softly at the rotting cardboard.
A story, everyone has a story.
Everyone has something to say
But is silenced by what is put in our minds as
Lazy, stupid, disgusting, dirty.
There is truth to it, always a truth.
It’s a matter of finding it.
It is there, written in the weary eyes.
The struggles on there dirt wrinkled hands.
All pain they have endured on there faces.
Day by day.
And everyone else, just walks
Walks by with no knowledge, no perseverance.
They are as trashy and low as the gum left behind
Or a paper just flying around
No purpose.
No life.
They don’t exist in their eyes.

A land of opportunity.

Lies they feed us all.

Happy readings 🙂

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Truth to a story.

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