sleep is not an option

I can not sleep.

What keeps me awake?

thoughts, thinking, crickets, snores, you?

the internet is being really stupid.

I tried to sleep but I just couldn’t it is as if I am no longer allowed to. I want to just close my eyes and be off into my own abyss. I never rant here, but i feel like this needs to be seen, i usually do my rant’s privately, but honestly at this point I don’t care. 

I am tired and worn out, exhausted I just want to sleep without having to think so many things through. I am only human not some super powered freak. I have my dreams too and everything.  Sometimes I just get too caught up i want to say FUCK IT.


just like that, write it all over the place in HUGE letters so that they stand out bright.

I can not sleep.

It just isnt a natural habit in my mind anymore. I feel it too, my body begging me, my mind thinking of those dreams i could be having, those couple of hours i have the luxury of escaping my reality. I feel sick, and tired, and upset,

“am i just a shitty pathetic human?” I tend to think to myself at times.

“I am, I am” i answer

Sometimes it feels like that.

I am trying to think through my music. Music

dara do do do do dum dum dum doo dododadadooo

Random shit at night,

I can’t sleep.





type away….

sleep is not an option

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