With Time


She watches the clock. Slowly changing. The digital dots pulsing foward to her. Each minute of her life wasted by.
She wishes sometimes she can just freeze time in it’s moment.
To take a look around herself of everything she has. Admire the beauty and love before it all disappears or she does. We live fast and die young.
Wishing to keep those she loves closer than ever before. Make sure they don’t leave her sight. Time consumed everyday, time never hesitates just keeps going.
She wants to stay in place, everything happens to quickly for all. Even of it doesn’t seem so.
Fast foward…
She wonders, who will she be leaving behind, who will be leaving her? Where will be the next place she will be watching time?
Looking down from a 10 story apartment window.
Glancing at a laptop from a desk with others around.
Analog clock hands
tick tick tick tick
Face growing older.
Soul growing wiser.
Glancing back to a grandfather clock to outlook the old streets and Spanish. tongue echoing through the walls.
A foreign land where perhaps numbers is only what she can read, military, twelve. Does not matter, the time is still going staring out at nothing familiar that seems like home to her.
Time is ticking, coming to that end were decisions will have to be made, where to live, who to be with, how to live her own life. The sacrifices, those left behind, that are now just kept as memories to her. Crazy. Sometimes just crazy.
Only with time, she will know.
Freezing time, having it all to herself, she could hold on to everything and never have to worry about letting go. Selfish she thinks its greedy she shakes her head.
Tick tock tick tock

With Time

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