Fake Smiles

Fake smiles for the flashing lights

One step after the next,


Hold it.

The next step, keep walking.

And now return.

The same routine,

Day in and day out.

Wearing designer clothes even they can’t afford.

Dressing up and dressing down

Hair and makeup splattered one there face.

With mounds and mounds of colors.

Covering up every part as human as possible.

Turning into things they are not.

Do they see their life ahead? One step after the next?

And if they fall off their path?

Where will they go?

Come back up to finish their strut

Go on living like nothing ever happened?

Diet pills and magazines.

All trying to fit the mold.

Living in bathrooms.

To be the same is to fit in the same.

Same size, same shape…all the same shit.

IT’s fake really. All of it

Being photogenic

With pounds of make up on

To hide their natural flaws.

To be hidden behind

Secrets and lies

To what people want to see

Threw their own eyes.

Fake Smiles

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