Remember Her.

You think of her all the time.

She’s always in your mind because you know you love her so much.

You feel selfish at times because your life is moving on.

And you feel like you will forget her.

She is to special for that.

You see her life, stuck in mud.

A routine so repetitive, you wonder how does she do it.

You know her frustration you see it every day.

You see the patience that runs low.

And what pains you the most is that you can never remember as hard as you try, remember her.

Remember HER.

How you needed her. You wanted her.

You knew that she had everything, she could do everything, because to you she was your hero.

You looked up to her everyday.

You feel so horrible, you go out, you drive, you go everywhere.

And you look at her, you see her limits, but then you see her determination.

That is what keeps her going.

You want to stay close, that is why you fear going far.

Stay near her.

That is what you want.

To stay near.

– Mariana


To Mayra.

Remember Her.

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