Too Predictable.

    I was currently watching Batman Returns (1992) and stopped, only because I have already  seen the movie only about a dozen times! It is predictable now. I know who wins, who loses, who gets who. Is this what it becomes after time? A predictable movie? Never able to push the rewind button again to the very start. It just keeps on going until the tape stops but who will stop the tape? What’s to happen when the tape stops? Life goes on, but do I? Do we?

       Predictable, have I gotten to predictable. Am I boring now, a movie just repeating over and over, a cliche of a broken record? Then after time I will just be forgotten with the others? Maybe, but who am I to say right? I do not read the crystal ball or palms or those tarot cards.

 Predictable, what happens when we become too predictable for each other? Does all our excitement just die? Will we grow bored? Move on?
Who knows, maybe being predictable is a good thing, keeps everything secure.

Too Predictable.

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