Dear Blank, Please Blank.

So I have been loving this website for a long time and I try to just read it as often as I can. I honestly have no life, my weeks are filled with after school activities and homework. Weekends are usually spent at music class, writers workshop and at night with my boyfriend, I suppose that is a start to having a productive life. So here is one, usually all are funny and make me laugh, some are just stupid.

This one I copied made me laugh a bit though in a dark sense of humor it had on me:

Dear teenagers,
Blah blah blah, angst, my life sucks. Blah blah, angst, blah, I hate my parents. Blah blah, boyfriend/girlfriend, blah blah, money, blah blah, FML, blah, music, angst.
Sincerely, talk to me when you actually have responsibility.
Of course most typical teenager stories, everybody knows those cliche ones. I even get tired. But we do carry our own responsibilities, we may not pay bills but that is what our education is for, so we can move forward and gain a better life. My parents always told me to work hard and you gain more of life. You’re hard work always will pay off at some point.
So anyways, feel free to check out this website, it’s amazingly entertaining 🙂
Happy readings
– Marz
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Dear Blank, Please Blank.

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