(Marz1 and Marz2 are sitting across from each other, a table and some glasses of water are set between them.)

Marz1: Alone, I am alone. I feel alone all the time. When I hang up the phone, when I say bye to someone on messenger or in person. It is like I NEED to stay in contact to make sure that the world doesn’t hate my guts or something.

Marz2: Such bullshit.

Marz1: No listen, It horrible, feeling alone. Being left behind.

Marz2: People come and go

Marz1: Am I just that dependent on people now? That I start to desperately keep in touch, I just never want them to leave?

Marz2: you’re an idiot.

Marz1: I mean I can survive just fine on my own, I have the proper skills to do so. I can clean and cook and wash and live and breath.

Marz2: Yup, that pasta earlier was fucking amazing, totally hit the spot.

Marz1: I am just always scared of falling out with people that I care so much about. I love them and loosing them would be the end of me. They’re important ya know?

Marz2: Mmhmm sure-

Marz1: I don’t get it though, I was alone for so long, and I didn’t seem to mind it that much, hell I don’t even think I gave two flying fucks. So why now? Why start this crave for attention? Why over work my mind and beat myself up for something that is just out of my control?

Marz2: You’re just facing your fears arn’t you? Don’t we all face them at some point? It is just what makes us move along in life.

Marz1: This has to be something different, because I am terrified. I feel like if I don’t do something to keep those I love near me, then they’ll eventually move on, move away, leave. And all I will be is a memory fading.

Marz2: *sigh with an eye roll*

Marz1: Hey! It is not easy trying to build a connection that was lost before. It is not easy to let go of someone that has been your support.

Marz2: Nobody should be your support though, you need to be your own.

Marz1: But, when you just loose everyone around you, it just feels like the whole world is collapsing under your feet and sooner or later you’re going to be going down with it.

(Marz2 grabs the glass of water and throws it at Marz1)

Marz1: What the fucking hell?! What was that for?

Marz2: For being a fucking little drama queen, I am sick and tired of just listening to the whining and moping and complaints. Guess what princess, the moon isn’t cheese! So suck it up. Cut the fucking tears and crap.

Marz1: So you throw water at me?

Marz2: Wake up and smell the fucking shit, sunshine. Now wipe that depressing face off, and why not slap on a smile? You know better this is life, you’re in reality. Out of all the people in this world you should know that. This is your life Marz, if they don’t want to be in it then oh well, move on!. They’re others who will probably want to.

Marz1: I know but it’s just that-

Marz2: NO it not just that this or that,stop beating yourself up for shit. Stop feeling like shit all the time, Nobody likes a fucking whiner. Stop being miserable, you’re going to loose people eventually because they’ll be so sick and tired of listening to the same problems over and over again.

Marz1: You know what you’re right! I didn’t do anything wrong really, so fuck them. It is my life and I am doing the best I can to make sure I make it mine.

Marz2: That a girl! Now common we have some conquering to do, and a smile to show the world. And that love to give around.

(Marz1 and Marz2 walk off the stage smiling and laughing as the lights fade away and curtains go down.)

By: Marz1 and Marz2, but really just Marz herself.



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2 thoughts on ““Inner”-vention.

  1. Great post 😛

    I have a Luiz1 and Luiz2 myself. They bicker a lot, but Luiz3 is always there laughing at them and calling them stupid. Then Luiz4 sits there awkwardly thinking ‘What the hell just happened?’ And then-… Yeah… I should stop now…


    1. thanks! and yes, sometimes all you need is a little crazy to figure out what the hell is exactly going through your mind. And it might take multiple points of views to figure everything out.


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