Soap Opera

Sometimes I think my life is a soap Opera. Una novela de univision 41.

I get rated.

I get judged.

I get veiwed.

I get slapped.

I get loved.

I get hated.

I get misunderstood.

I get cheated on.

I get emotionally confused and bipolar.

I get turned on.

I get shut down.

I get serious.

I get funny

and sometimes just overly exaggerated and dramatic.

I get to weep and laugh.

I get to come upon as some foreign strange new thing.

I get to have family drama, and friend drama.

Yup, sometimes I think my life is one soap opera

Una Novela,

mis papas ven novelas... I do not. Just thought this looked dramatic.

on repeat

every single










By, Marz and Marz only.

Happy Readings 🙂




Soap Opera

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