Problems, because HEY we all have them.

Everyone seems to come to me for their own problems. To hear the advice, to hear some comfort, to feel something or just hear the truth. When I need the chance to share, it seems as if I try and then it goes back to everyone else, and its back to the first place I started, in the chair as the listener.

 Problem: What is the problem? The problem? Is that I have a problem and everyone else has a problem that they would find much more interesting. Thats the problem. And when I try to talk about it, I just get shushed. I get eyes rolled at. I get pushed away.

Humans love to talk about themselves, their lives, their problems. I am tired though, always just emotionally drained by everybody else and then to top them off arguments and nagging. Like honestly? I just give me a break. Problems. I have them as well.

Maybe that is why I was so insisting on becoming some therapist, because I would just rather be some listener who sits there nodding away then the talker, who has to open up every door to their inner selves. I rather not expose myself and have people tell their stories, because I know when I walk out, I will just have my own to think about and keep it to.

*Sigh* this sigh of desperation, this sigh of giving up! I GIVE UP JUST TAKE ME PLEASE! I don’t know what to do anymore, where is my little white flag when I need it?
It seems as if everything is planned, for us; not I, not my plans. I have no say do I? Always being hushed.

Anyways, I am done complaining. Not like it even mattered I bet you stopped reading this half way and thought “what a whiny little bitch” yup, that is probably what you are thinking, but do not judge me on just wanting to vent a little. I am only human after all not a little super soldier.

Problems, because HEY we all have them.

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