Halloween, is honestly my favorite time of the year, i love getting creative and watching other poeple go to the extreme to make their costumes the best. So, this yea I did the cliche of being a blood thirsty ZOMBIE!

Scary isnt?

(kind of lame but thats okay I guess)

And here is my Best friends,

Lauren (you can check out her blog below – Speaking Fireworks)

Speaking Fireworks (Lauren's blog)













Neha looking like a sad mime 😦










Kodi and her crazy hair. Looking totally like Daphnie










And last but not least, my boyfriend (who also was a Zombie with me, but I was a totally better looking one… just saying. especially since I know you read this…yes YOU <3)

So that concludes my Halloween for the day for school, it was fun I had fun making the costumes playing with the fake blood and putting facepaint on and going around school like it was a complete normal thing to do. The spirit for Halloween is just fun and the attitude the laughing and jokes the TRICKS and TREATS (hehe no pun intended)

Here are some more pictures though enjoy 🙂

Ethan and Kodi 🙂 (lets all go AAAWWWWWWW)

Part of the group 🙂

3 thoughts on “Halloween

  1. Ryan says:

    Most of the pictures were semi-scary, but the last two were actually convincing (i.e., the skeletons).

    Love the blog. Keep up the good work.



    1. haha the skeletons are giant puppets actaully from the NYC Halloween Parade, but yes they did creep me out a bit as well, thats what made them great though, thanks 🙂


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