Yes I do admit it, I am a NOOB.



call it whatever you wish to call it, but I admit it.

I can barley get myself through this blog and I don’t try to complicate things.

I am technology disabled, and you would not believe  how LONG it took me to just figure out how to use my new phone. (Driod touch screen and all)

To sum it up really I feel like a grandmother forced into a teen body and forced to use computers and high-tech phones. I like paper and pens. I can write and think so much more quickly than to be typing, ironically I know, because well I am using this to type on. I am a newb though, and that is just who I am. When I heard that some papers for college had to get mailed I became so much more relieved and felt better. I love mailing things, HEY ANYBODY NEED A PEN PAL?! feel free to e-mail me. I hate computers though, sometimes they just frustrate me.


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