Enough is Enough.

I have had enough. Stop crying marz, that is all you did for about a week, slap yourself out of it. Enough with the tears. they are useless. I have had enough of being that cliche depressed teenager that everyone hears about. That I swore I would never become, and yet here I am crying and just crying. Well I shall cry no more. I have had enough of it.

Though I can’t, it’s just so much in me that I need to let go, and when I do, I get told to stop. So what should I do? FUCKING TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK AM I SUPPOSE TO DO?

“I don’t care. And no matter where I turn to it feels like someone is trying to mold me into someone I am not. I am me, marz, Mariana Rodriguez, That is who I am.”

Enough is enough.

I have had enough. I had my breakdown, I cried to my limit, where I almost throw up (old childhood habit), I couldn’t breath, and I got continuous  headaches. I have cried enough I think.

Lets get happy again, lets see that happy Marz.

– A-not-so-happy-marz




Enough is Enough.

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