I saw a ladder against that house, standing tall hovering over the green roof, leading up to the window. You can just sneak out in the middle of the night kid, and they won’t notice. I saw a tree branches sagging pointing into the ground, leaves of brown and red. Looks like a small umbrella just standing there.

I am crazy.

I am going insane, I have come to that conclusion, last night while talking on messenger, someone mentioned a charecter, without thinking I just said :

Well she is now? (and not knowing who I was even talking about, I typed in response )


I laughed. I didn’t know what other reaction to have. I have become a total nutcase.

I am trailing off to what I started with, I suppose that is why I am going crazy, my mind seems to be racing with billion different topics all at once.

So on my way to school, peering out the window, I thought. That ladder is their, who else noticed it? what if it was all part of my imagination and I am just developing some type of schizophrenia?

“Hey! did you see that ladder?”

“What Ladder?”

“Nevermind we passed it”


But what if we never did, what if it was just all in my head, I WANTED to imagine some sort of object there so my mind placed it there. I think that is some beauty of being creative or maybe just plain crazy? Who knows really, I could just be both. What if thats all it is, people take objects and pretend they are there to make them feel realistic, to make their world feel realistic, I could say i have a pet cat, you might here me cooing at it and talk about that cat all the time, to the point where you believed I have a cat named Freckles or Mr.Pudgy. Or would that just be insanity?

Anyways,  I am finished, this whole “rant” has confused the hella out of me.

– Marz

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