Red and Blue.


You gave me a choice, set out the two options right in front of the table. Can either take the blue pill, or you can take the red pill. You let me choose if I wanted to stay and taken a trip down the rabbit’s hole, or go back into my reality. Gave me the choice to end or keep going.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like I had taken the red pill, The blue seemed like a good choice, I picked, and you agreed. We did ourselves a favor.

What if I did take the red pill though? Put me back into a fantasy. Take me down that hole of nonsense to seek out the farther turths in life. Would what I wonder now, would have been answered with that red pill? I wouldn’t be thinking what I am now. How much farther down would it have taken me?

There is a reason picked that blue pill, and good reasons, I did a favor. I don’t regret it. Just followed what I thought was best, that blue pill.  The story ended, and that was it. I started a new chapter in my life.

We all pick what we are presented with. And we can either regret in life or keep on moving forward.


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Red and Blue.

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