This Box

I have this box.
And in this box I keep all my little secrets.
The ones I keep locked in the darkest corners.
Ones that I never even touch.
I have this box I keep, never with me.
I am scared one day I will loose it
and someone will find it, and open this box.
It has no lock this box, so anyone can see it.
So I hide it. Where no one can find it.
Even I sometimes forget where I left it.
I have many secrets, good and bad.
I never tell though, they are mine.
I keep them, not you, no they are not meant for you.
I have this small box and it is important to me.
If I want, maybe I will pull one out for you to linger on.
Feed your curiosity and leave you satisfied
knowing you discovered something.
It’s a good feeling to feel like you gained something.
Where I keep this box?
I cannot tell you, I am scared you will go searching for it.
You will corner me and
pick at me,
beat me,
rape me,
mind fuck me.
Do whatever you can to take that box from me.
I will fight for it though,
when I am ready I will let you hear one.
Don’t push me though, I will only dig that box
even deeper and keep it as far as I can.
I have this box you see.
And it’s mine. I keep it.
Just me, not you.
I have it hidden nicely.
Good luck finding it.

This Box

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