Slow days.

It’s the midst of winter, and days haven’t felt any slower, even blogging becomes more like a “to-do” rather than a joy. Slow, it feels slow, S-l-o-w. Like a turtle, I mean nothing against turtles, I think they are so cool.

I’ve been in a road block for a while and not sure if it’s because I have nothing interesting to write about (although that is total bull because there is ALWAYS something to write about). The days are colder and my body feels more and more fatigued. My bed calls to me early and my laptop seems to fit nicely on my lap. While my dog nicely curls up next to me and naps.

I have seem to become a hermit. I don’t mind  having a bit of peace is always nice and my parents don’t seem to nag about it. I am sleeping much better and dreams have been pleasant. I suppose a bit of ranting isn’t so  bad, after all I am only speaking my mind. Things seem to be turning out just fine.

The pressure of prom is arriving though, ugh! can someone please shoot me in the brain! My mother has already been wanting to design a WHOLE new dress and she’s wiling to pay for it and all. I was just going to be using my sister’s dress from her prom wich was worn about seven years ago, I am pretty sure no one from my generation has seen it unless they found pictures or something.

It is so hyped up that it gets ridiculous, the money all spent on it and the drama? Is it even worth it? I mean seriously, it is a celebration of graduating high-school, last days of being with your “friends” it is supposed to be joyous and exciting. I would rather spend a full weekend or go on some road trip to florida or travel to some amusement park for a weekend, or go to a three day music festival.

I am not rich, I do not come from an upper-middle class family. No, my parents had to work for what they have earned today. I plan on doing the same. I don’t plan to live off of them for my whole life and be some kind of leech, I don’t want to depend on them anymore. Sure, I wish I was able to obtain a job, but my parents ironiclly don’t want me working, they say school is more important.

The refusal to ask my parents is a dead-set though in my mind, if I plan to live on my own or with others, independence is what I have to learn. Stop being some kind of pain with my parents, stop asking them for money, I am old enough now. Some people enjoy staying near family and being able to get every single thing they want without working for it, that pisses me off. It really does, some people just ask and SHAZAM! POOF! BAM! instant new toy to tinker with. No work no nothing, and those are the people who I will be laughing at in the future. It seems malicious I know, maybe a bit crude.

I know what my parents went through, how they started out and how they got to be where they are. I am not a spoiled rich kid, so really, I will do anything to get what I need and cheap.

Happy rantings 🙂

– Marz


Slow days.

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