It’s My Choice.

I suppose that now the questions start to emerge, why pick this? why go here? How did you get those ideas?

I picked cheap,near and easy for a college, nothing hours away or expensive. Situations are a bit more sticky then they may seem in my views. I wanted to be near people and places I loved, so what better way than to apply to the City Schools of New York?

Now after using my super sonic hearing and listening into the conversation between my sister,her boyfriend and my mother, I started to wonder about my responses to them. After my mother telling them where I had applied to and talking about how  I will have to commute and I will still be near home, my sister soon brought up the question I am sure even my mother had been wondering about. “Do you think Mariana is just applying to City Schools because Micka is?”

Now me, there I was sitting on the top of the stair case listening into this rather intriguing, tempting to go downstairs and respond to their curiously I decided to stay where I was and listen to what my mother’s response would be.

“I don’t know Mayra, I honestly don’t all I know is that she really just loves the city”

Yes, that is true the city is different, and if all I could do is walk and go into every store that has sparked my eye I would do so. I like that idea of just being anyone you want to be and no one to really judge you, you are just one unimportant person amongst thousands of others. It’s like a small world all compacted into one tiny place, and if there’s one thing I love that is diversity.

Although that wasn’t the reason why, in life we make sacrifices for those we love, and staying near was probably one of mine. All my life I was used to depending on my sister and having her around after what happened I feel like I should at least do something to help out the family. Staying near home felt right for me, I could take my sister to places if my parent’s didn’t have the time, I want to help them out. I love spending time with my sister and the thought of that I could loose her again, I wouldn’t want that.

Life, we take risks and we make sacrifices.

And in ways yes, a small percentage is also because I wouldn’t want to lose my boyfriend, and I know to some it may sound dumb(old topic that was discussed between us)

“You guys are just young, you’re only in high school what do you know? You should just do what makes you happy. What do you know about relationships?

Nothing, I am not a pro and I have many flaws, but I also keep some reality within and I know things could go wrong

but I didn’t care who is to say that is going to happen? Who is to say that I will regret not going to some school upstate. I am not like those teens that are just so anxious to get away from their parents and move thousands of miles away just to escape. I am not trying to escape I really have no reason to. I have my reasons for staying near, and to me they are convincing enough.

Thanks For reading 🙂

– Marz


Enjoy Life, live and love.

It’s My Choice.

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