Strip and Shag.

My friend showed this song to me. It’s brilliant, she told me to look at the meaning to it. She then told me it’s how some girls are so willing to give themselves up to feel wanted and touched and loved by men. How they so freely go with them only to be tossed aside like they were crap, to be forgotten. So that girl who was the daughter of a school teacher is now some girl you just fucked, a girl you just got to know by skin. And then just the next girl strolls along and they will jump to it. We are just preys to them, weak and feeble. We are not equal.

She states how she’s a woman, how she has as much right to her own body, how she can still be with men but with class. Find one man and stay with him.

the song may just have to do with groupies and desperate girls trying to sleep with band members, but this can really be put out towards anyone. In today’s world women have become such an object that men don’t seem to take the value in just having sex with one woman but they rather fantasize with many, they trade them off like cards not caring where they land in the end, not caring weather or not they would be torn or worn. Its a shit world out there and you just need to be strong, stand your ground, stay “classy”. Know what you deserve. We all deserve the best, even the guy, yes even guys get used, it goes both ways.

“im an independent woman of the 21st century!!”

Strip and Shag.

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