It seems as if every time I try.
I stop.
Every time I get one foot ahead,
I seem to fall backwards.
I fall on my hands and knees.
The gravel sinks between the open wounds.

I look around and see no one.

No one there to heal them
No one there to clean them
The small sniffles turns into weeps,
the weeps turn into cries,
the cries turn into sobs,
The sobs turn into screaming,
The screaming is never heard.
I just lay there, and let those child tears fall.
They just slowly sink through the cracks,
Broken cracks, crooked lines all dirty and old.
A figure walking by,
I hold my hand out for the familiar touch.

Tall, standing over me the shadow casts down covering the sun from my eyes.

“Please, please?” I look up in desperation “help me I-”
They smirk,

“You seem alright to me, get up”
Walks past me.

My mistake, you looked like someone I knew.
Cut off and left. It’s fine, I’m used to it.

Calm, I whisper it over and over,
Breath, I take a long sigh.

I wipe the gravel and dirt on my pants,
Wipe the blood from the scraped knees.
I pick myself up all the time, I always have.
I just wish sometimes there was someone there to help me.
Someone there to heal me back,
someone to just tell me
“It will be fine, let it out, It will be alright”
Strength, there is only so much of it that I have.
Even after time, concrete starts to break,

And all the cracks start to show.
It just takes a person to take the time
To fill them in.

Happy Readings,

– Mariana



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