Best Friends

Oh how cliche, another teenage girl to write about her and her dear old friends…

well here it goes.

Each is a trait from the love of my lifes, which I have seem to describe them, so my dears if you happen to come across this, assume which one might be yours I have picked for you.

With Love.


Shy. Dramatic. Short. Jerk. Humorous. Spaztic. Funny. Give anything to. Trusth worthy. Mature. Timid. Silly. A sister. My lovey. Sexy. Tall. Struts. Likes to dress up with me. Always loving life. Carefree. Grey Blue eyes. Four eyes. Love them to death. “Natrual hair”. Lean. Busty. Small. Holds all my secrets. Color changing hair. Slackers together. Great lover. Holds my heart. Listens to me. Bitch with Attitude. Everyone’s Lawyer. Lights up everything. Comforting. Smells nice. Loves to laugh. Wrestle. Call names. Can spend days, maybe years with. Foolish. Immature. Loud. Side Swept hair. Childhood friend. Gorgeous green eyes which I envy. Stylish. Gossip with. Always right. Cultured. Well mannered. Charismatic. Charming. Beautiful. Hot. I’d risk my life. Story teller. Large hazel eyes. Crazy. Druggy friend. High off life. Hyper. Cheerful. Responsible. Looks out for me. Always one foot ahead. Tickle Monster. In Lesbians with. Beach Buddy. Carnival and road trips. Food junkie. Chef. Supernatural partner. Sore loser. Dorky. Talented. Great Music taste. Loving.

I could use so many more cliche words, but I would rather not. My friends have meant a great deal to me and I can’t be thankful enough for everything they have put up with and been through. I love you all so much. And I never regret the chances I took.


Best Friends

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