Fresh Start.

My Cherry Blossom tree

I need a fresh start, something different. I know, I have mentioned before about change, well I plan to go through with it, the whole sha-bang. I guess could be ranting, well I am ranting, it is just mostly what I have been doing, I feel like my writing has come to a halt, and anything I say will be rather cliche and already written. For my spring break I plan to do something different, I have job offerings that I will be doing but on the side, something interesting, I suppose as my final years of adolescence is coming down to a winding stop, why not do something different. First I change a bit of mentality, maybe read up on some different books, think healthier, be healthier, I have the time and solitude to do so. Then I will swear myself into getting fit, bike riding, dancing, running, dog walking anything to keep in shape and loose that weight, I decided to get myself more motivate I will push forth and beyond my goal weight. Not trying to become like super thin, but just back to normal (my tenth grade year was crap, enough said). It is spring, and everything is starting to blossom, so why does it feel like I am still stuck in my ugly hibernating shell that I just can’t seem to shed. Everyone seems so thrilled about the count downs and the only thing I want to do is just close my ears and run under my covers and stay in my little world. Why do I seem so shaken by these things? I am not sure, and believe me I wish I wasn’t but I am. So with that, I hope to make something of my spring break and I pray that my writing as well will “blossom” into something different, because honestly even I am getting tired of the same shit all the time.


Happy Readings 🙂


– Mariana.

Fresh Start.

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