Boerdom has reached a new level to blogging.

So, facebook has these neat little things that kids post up “confessing” themselves to everyone out there just to waste a bit of time and procrastinate, I decided to take one into my own hands and answer some of these little questions. Besides, I figured readers could find out more about me 😉

A. Why my last relationship ended. For many reasons, but the point is that it’s past.

B. Favorite band. The killers. The Zutons. The Klaxons. Arctic Monkeys.
C. Who I like and why I like them. I like a lot of people for different reasons.
D. Hardest thing I’ve ever been through. There have been many struggles in my life that I have managed to over come, I suppose my sister getting sick would be the main one though.
E. My best friend. I don’t really have just one best friend. I have many and I love them dearly all.
F. My favorite movie. Nightmare Before Christmas. Rio. Fantastic Mr.Fox. Gangs Of New York. Little Miss Sunshine.
G. Do i love my mother? Under all our fighting and insults, yes I do love my mother.
H. Do I smoke/drink? Not as an unhealthy habit, just on social occasions
I. Have any tattoos or piercings? Just me ears… for now.
J. What I want to be when I get older. I want to be someone, and not just anyone.
K. Relationship with my parents.  It’s been pretty solid, nothing horrible. Parents are parents
L. One of my insecurities. I would have to say my lack of being to trust people, or just always assuming the worst to happen.  I think I am not always good enough.
M. Virgin or not? My sex or non-existent sex life is privet and only for me to know about.
N. Favourite place to shop at? I don’t really have a “place”.
O. My eye colour. Green eyes I suppose.
P. Why I hate school. The ignorant people and the early wake up time.
Q. Relationship status as of right now. I am in a relationship as of right now.
R. Favourite song at the moment. Tricky – The beastie boys
S. A random fact about myself. I have weird eating habits, but I like them.
T. Age I get mistaken for. Depends, without my makeup and just normal t-shirts, 15, with makeup and well dressed, 20’s
U. Where I want to be right now. MMMMEEEEEXXXIIIICCCCOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
V. Last time I cried.  Two nights ago?
W. Concerts I’ve been to. The killers, My chemical Romance, Wolf Mother, Ke$ha, Breathe Carolina, Alesso. Kiss Kiss.
X. What would you do if (…)? I am confused here?
Y. Do you want to go to college. Of course! I do.
Z. How are you? How are you? how are you?! oh geez, honestly? I could go into a whole rant about this! Although I wont because that is just even worse and all.

Boerdom has reached a new level to blogging.

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