I see you.

Blocked mind from the winter frost slowly melts.
Cold hands, type away
Bitter and sharp wind slaps the face. 
The feeling of always being watched,
Stalked, viewed, analyzed.
I can see you watching me.
Trapped in a world that is so wide.
Is that even possible?
To feel suffocated, yet it is not possible?
With so many doors, so many vast options.
Endless thoughts and dreams that travel.
Imagination that can run so free without boundaries.
The thought of being trapped,
And yet
It seems impossible.
Where I sit, I feel it,
Eyes pressed against my back.
Burning through the thin wind breaker
Scarring into the pale skin where sun has not been.
The paranoia that settles, makes the hairs stand.
Someone is watching you, someone is always watching you, Don’t turn around.
but this here, my life, is your play set.
I run and run, looking for the exit door.
Screaming for some sound.
Everything had to do with control.
A mute button, left,up,right,down,
To Control me.
The wind slaps my face,
It’s really your ice cold breath
With the stench of satisfaction and the hint of lust that lingers.
You have me trapped, cornered!
Congratulations. You have won.


– Mariana

Happy readings!



I see you.

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