Stars have secrets.

The way they shine and stay up there to themselves.
There age that seems unknown to us all.
The dust that goes through our blood
A super nova.
A massive black hole. 

Ever seen a star ripped apart by a darken hole?
Sucking it in as if it is nothing.
Ripping everything and flying out into the unknown.
You almost feel sorry for the stars.
Why matter when there are millions of others to suck the life out of.
From shapes and sizes, they all carry their secrets.
What has flown by them.
They have seen from what humans have not discovered.
She carries such warmth in her, casting down.
Seeping through the atmosphere and allowing shadows to play,
Life to grow.
It’s their secret how they wish to see things happen.

They just watch, that is all they can do.
They don’t have voices,
Star’s have secrets,
Our secrets.
When you are out at night pondering on what life has given you.
When you are lost.
When you have great new to share.
Speak to them, trust them,
They hold those secrets

Star’s secrets.
They never let them go,
Not even when
they are ripped apart from
a black hole.


Happy readings.


– Mariana R.

Stars have secrets.

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