Limbo State of Mind.

                     You feel like you are in limbo, caught between two worlds of what it is, and what it should be. There is no way of escaping this purgatory state. The mind is just out of focus, you feel like you are just pulled back and fourth. Not knowing what they want from you, what they have already. Afraid to let things just go as they need to be. Limbo, stuck in the middle, stuck on a giant piece of fly paper and left there for days. With time so limited on your hands, not knowing the end of anything, not knowing where you might spend your final days.
Stuck in Limbo.
In the middle of everything, and you can’t move, you don’t know what you are to anyone anymore, feeling unimportant, used, beat up. A simple ball just tossed back and forth from how it is and how it should be.

Stuck in limbo you are and there isn’t anything more you can do about it.

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Limbo State of Mind.

2 thoughts on “Limbo State of Mind.

  1. OMG that is totally how I feel right now. I have a task to do, and it’s going to take me another 15 years to do it, literally, and it’s not the way things should have been, but it is the way they are! And what do I do with that? sigh……


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