Falling Down.

Everyone is so happy to finally be near the end of school, and right now it’s the only thing that is scaring me. Prom? Honestly I can care less about right now when everything just seems to be falling out of my hands. My life, my friends, my own relationship, my family. Everything, I just seem to be losing.

I guess I have to admit I was excited to be going to prom, but after receiving a phone call, I don’t even know if my mom will be around to see me in my own prom dress, and prom just seemed to have been pushed to the back corners of my mind. I am slowly destroying myself as days go by. Like there is some expiration date on everything that I have.

I am not happy, I will admit that, and it seems more like a depression now than ever. Its almost summer, yes I can see that, I can feel it in my skin the sun sinking in. But I am not happy. I am miserable. And I find people who I thought would be there, are just selfish and too caught up with their own things, I feel used, I feel so angry.

It shouldn’t have to be like this, not at the end of the year, it should feel free and liberating to be done with high school, and the only thing I am wishing for is a time machine.

It’s not fair, life isn’t fair I understand that, but does it have to plan out like this.

It’s to much sometimes.






Falling Down.

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