Little Bits of Joys.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

So, here I am downstairs painfully sitting in my chair as I let the burn just sink in. I can feel my skin yelling for some kind of salvation, and perhaps in my attempt to exaggerate things it just seems right. After all being a bit ill with a sun burn that covers half your bum, what other rights shall I have? I am supposed to be working on a paper, although missing a large part of it I suppose I will have to put that on a hold. I am able to say however I was quiet content with my new skin coloration, I really needed a day at the beach to forget about my life and just enjoy it with my best friend.

This weekend has sure been eventful for me, in small ways, as I battled my mental nightmares and decided what was right for me and what I shall be doing with my life. It’s still not over though, a small battle has yet to be fought over and I do not know if it will end in fatal tragedy or a victorious win. As I plan for my summer to start already one foot towards the airport to ship my lazy bum to Mexico while the other one is just stuck on the outskirts of school. And then I shall be in my own peace.

I may not have grown up there but it sure feels like my home, as I always say “Home is not a place, but a feeling you carry in you”

Mexico makes me feel at home, I carry my family in my heart, always. I always have the fear (and as some readers may know, the fear of losing someone is something that’s personal to me)  that I might not ever see them again, and I have not spent the sufficient amount with them, selfish of me to just keep to myself like this, but there isn’t much I could do. I am coming at the end of my 17 years of life, and trying to look back at how the year went, I say for a dramatic angst teenager it wasn’t that bad. It sure had it’s ups and downs, but what else can there be to life?
A new goal for miss Marz, Keep a smile on. These past few weeks have been more depressing than ever, and I realized that I didn’t need to be that way while staying up till 4:30 due to my lack of sleeping habits. So here I am trying to enjoy my life as it goes by towards what seems to be near prom and graduation, then three months of me scrambling to find jobs and soak up as much summer before the big 18, where I am now considered an adult and legal to vote,join the military, buy cigs, go clubbing, and in Mexico:  drink. Horrah horray! oh the wonderous little bits of joy I look forward to in life. I must say there is much to see.

So with that I leave my rant, for I can not think of anything more to say.

Happy readings,


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Little Bits of Joys.

3 thoughts on “Little Bits of Joys.

    1. Thank you!! I have been searching for different remedies, my mom usually just tells me to smear sour cream or soak a paper towel in milk. Dairy also seems to help.


      1. I don’t really know why Ibuprofen works, I guess it breaks the “fever” in your skin! All I know is someone once told me to try it, and for lack of a better idea I did, and it’s been my go-to remedy every since!!


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