Some Nights to Remember.

Another fine year has come and gone, and senior year is suddenly coming to its end. My days of high school finished and off into another new world of obstacles and adventures. Senior prom, meh. Although aside from the salty rice and dry fried chicken, I suppose it could just have been enjoyable.The music was just as crappy as the food and occasionally was able to play some decent songs at half way length leaving kids confused and felt more like a game of musical freeze rather than a dance. Enough about the bad stuff, point was that I enjoyed my time and although what felt like it was going to be the longest 4 hours of my life, turned out not so bad, now of course my feet ached and my shoes didn’t last too long on my feet four inch heels I had) but I had my moments of fun dancing with my friends and my boyfriend. It was sure an experience. I suppose a perk to having prom was like a little light to let us know that the day has finally arrived where we can get all glammed up, start some drama and hate each other’s guts before the end of the school year finally comes to a riveting end. Joking! well, not about the ‘end of the year’ coming to it’s end. So with the dancing and eating and lounging around screaming at the top of my lungs on how beautiful and handsome all my friends looked, I can say for sure that it was a great way to end the school year.

After coming home and skyping with some family in Mexico, and wishing I could be next to them, I fell asleep only to wake a few hours later to make my way to Massachusetts to spend a night with my dear friends and two days of fun (friday-saturday), beautiful place it was, and we stayed in a barn the family built with running (Cold) water and beds on each side for guys and gals. We started right away by putting our things away on our beds and making ourselves at home by starting a giant battle of nerf guns and water bottles flying all around. Resulting in some pretty gnarly and epic battle. With giant pillows as shields and many laughs to come go around the place. I admit I was a bit skeptic about how this was going to turn out. I am sure we all were. Time alone with people though really allows you to bond with others and learn new things, I suppose that is what made it more special and memorable. Getting to know people before they all part to go their own way. At dinner we all ate together and helped around and clean up (except my friend Brian and my boyfriend -_-)

We had our fun, jumping on trampolines and playing basketball and running, playing board games and cards, and around probably what had to of been the scariest manhunt game I had ever played in my life and being able to start an amazing campfire and roast marshmallows for smores and play chubby bunny (which ended in a disaster) . And trying not to get eaten by the bobcat (that takes a crap in the drive way every morning) and the bear we have yet seen, but is apparently around. Watching movies and video games at night, trying to kick ass in brawl and taking a stroll at midnight around. Only to end it by sneaking into my boyfriend’s  bed and cuddle up next to him after a long day and night. That was something new, and in ways comforting and sweet, even though we were kinda squished in a twin size bed and it got freezing cold at night and we both fight over the covers to beat the chilly rain, somehow though we managed just perfectly alright. Then awkwardly being the only one awake walked around and cleaned up, then walked back over to the girls side then back downstairs as I heard someone go into the bathroom, then upon seeing Ricardo step out we just walked to the girls side woke them up, then I woke the guys up to get them ready for breakfast. Again another great day we had, even though we spent half the day indoors being lazy bums and watching movies while we all snuggled in blankets and then decided to play some more video games and head over to make the final dinner of an amazing trip. Then cleaning up and packing up we made our way to the car and had our final jumps on the trampoline and took our last pictures together as a group. We had a sing along in the car and listened to music in which Brian seemed to be the equivalent sucky DJ as the one we had in our prom, but that’s okay we forgave him, I mean it’s not like he was being paid for it.

Over all, it was a really fun weekend, and I kinda wish I had a time machine for that, I love all my friends and having this time for ourselves was great, it was a great escape, and something that I needed, a place to just let go of everything, forget about high school and all that shit and just enjoy my time with my friends. And that is exactly what I did.

Happy Readings 🙂



Some Nights to Remember.

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