Hello to my new world.

It finally has arrived, the ending to the first chapter in my life. As of today I am a graduate of white plains high school, class of 2012. My summer finally starting to look up, there isn’t much I should be complaining about. There have been ups and downs and a lot of bridges and roads I had to cross and build, but I got there. I suppose there was a bittersweet moment to this all. I have fought through with my parents, been through good and bad relationships, fights with friends, survived drama and prom. I suppose my battle was great and successful. I heard someone in a speech say “change is constant” and it is always happening, it took me a while to figure this out and finally get into my head. I have come to many realizations over the past week and I have come in terms to accept it. Change can be good, and they might hurt at first, but you get over them and enjoy the good that comes later on in life, you turn to better places and find better people.

A friend told me recently, that I needed to stop with the bitter attitude and go back to being the “Mariana he used to know, with the smile and sparkle in her eyes” to him, I just looked dead and miserable, just very different. I was only damaging myself with all this. So I decided that it was best to just let it go, I just focus on myself and that is all, enjoy my summer because it is for me. It hurts sure, I took a sacrifice on my feelings and just hope that I made the logical choice, funny thing is it didn’t feel completed, I was not happy with my choice. I have more obstacles to over come, and my life is not near being done. I was happy while it was around, and this helped me through high school for those two years left, but high school is over, and I think so is this.

Changes, everyone goes through them, and sometimes they go bad, but the good is only near to come. So now I welcome my new life and happiness and everything that it has to offer.

Cheers to class of 2012.

– Mariana Rodriguez

Hello to my new world.

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