Insomnia Attack.

Oh summer how do you love to confuse my brain, make me forget the days of the weeks and the hours spent doing nothing.

I have been saving all my energy for when I leave, I am so excited that it is all I have been thinking about for the past weeks. I have not been able to get a proper sleep in over the past week, I have been falling asleep at three even four in the morning and yet I still remain as beautiful as ever (joking! I am a mess! I look like a screaming banshee)

So sorry my friends, but I hear a calling of family that awaits me and some friends to catch up with.

Short blog really today, I just am in one of those “lets rant about absolutely nothing today”, I have not been doing any kind of writing (sadly) but I hope to soon start again. I am bringing my laptop with me and camera so I hope to capture some amazing moments.

All I can say is that a lot has changed since when I was just walking a stage to receive my diploma to where I am now.

A fresh start is what everyone looks forward to and new beginnings. My blog right now has just been a little slow? I think, I should be writing (Bad marz!!) I need to go on a notebook hunt though, and find a new one to write in. I still have my little black one, but it is almost full and nothing worthy is really in it. Perhaps this weekend, or the next. I don’t know, just something to keep my mind off track.

Anyways Happy summer reading 🙂

Peace, make love not war 😉

– Mariana

Insomnia Attack.

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