One Walked, One Left.

The subtle hints that show,
Feelings linger on the edge,
They didn’t go.
It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t hard.
Time, it will let things sink
The first for everything, even if
It took through the heart.
Forming a wall,
Showing no interest,
If there was no concern,
Not a care to be shown
Then why the constant check ups?

Secret glances stolen away,
As one walked, and one was left,
One left, one turned away.
One stood,
One turned back,
Only to wonder.
Who noticed?
Not themselves, but they.

Knowing what lays inside,
Against everything and everyone.

Cold showers turned into cold shoulders,
The hand to hand, a hand to the face.
Endless conversations, came to the end.
Loud laughter, into the quiet smiles.
Messy beds, now lay untouched.
No grasp, no hold.
Everything that was,
Is now just being let go.

What we do to ourselves,
To fake it all.
When deep down,

one knows,
perhaps even after time,
Lets it all sink in.

– Mariana Rodriguez


Happy Readings!

One Walked, One Left.

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