Another Battle Fought.

The golden light which sparkled in her eyes,  now left through the damaged cracks. A soulless body remained staring at the walls, nothing seemed to be alive anymore, she was breathing,but she couldn’t feel it. A certain numbness over powered her body, she had lost it all. A rock bottom was where she sat, slowly making it’s way towards her, each time taking over inch by inch the room, darkening it as the hours passed by. The darkness soon reached out with long thin claws to grip around her feet that dangled inches away from ground. Turned away in terror she crawled into her bed to the corner, her back against the wall with her knees drawn in. She figured if her back is touching the wall, nothing can grab her from behind, only from in front, but this monster only came at night, when the mind was at its best, slipping into it’s subconscious and drowning her with thoughts unknown that had been pushed away for so long.

This was no friend of hers, she wasn’t ready to accept this darkness, she didn’t want to fall into it. There had to be some escape or a way to avoid this nightmare. She scanned her room, the darkness now made it’s way to her walls and now the shadows were playing their games. Bouncing around and shaping disturbing  objects. They played with her mind, tricking her into thinking they were something else, something warm and welcoming. She stayed in her corner with her knees against her as she hugged herself tightly.

She sunk down to her covers and let them protect her, she fell asleep facing the only wall where she knew the darkness had not touched. Upon waking up to crust salted cheeks, she glanced at her room again, the sun was peeking through the curtains casting down the warmth from outside. She let out a deep sigh and sat up letting her feet touch the floor, another battle fought, another night won.

Although she wondered, how many were soon to come?


– Mariana


So here is a short story, I decided to start writing some short stories again and this just came from out of the blue I suppose. So enjoy and happy readings 🙂

Another Battle Fought.

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